Ben Sollee  |  Half-Made Man

This week my friend, Ben Sollee is recording his new album Half-Made Man.
I was privileged to hear Ben and the talented musicians play during the first day of recording.
It is going to be something really special.

Here are some photos along with one of my favorite song from Ben Sollee.

Music: Built for This by Ben Sollee
Be a part of bringing the new record Half-Made Man to life.

Kate - These are beautiful! Is there a way any of these images could be downloaded? I’d love to use a few as my desktop image!

Mike Rousseau - This is fresh, these are on point.

Engagement  |  Erin + Aaron

The day started out very foggy and cold but the closer I got to Columbia, SC the warmer and sunnier it got.
By the time I met this couple it was a beautiful fall day.

It was my first time in South Carolina.
Erin and Aaron showed me around.
We took a lot of photos.
Laughed…and ended with a fun time over dinner.
Awesome day.

I can’t wait to hang out again on their wedding day.


Erin + Aaron  |  Columbia, South Carolina

Fotograf Fredric - Wow! You are good! Lovely shots!

J Shoda - Are you kidding me?! This is such a great set dude. Well done.