Sam + Seth  .  Whitesburg Kentucky Wedding

Sam is a brilliant pianist.
Seth is a very talented designer.
High School Sweethearts.

They got married on a mountain top.

This is their day: slideshow


Sam + Seth  .  Whitesburg  .  Kentucky

Tim - Stunning.

Dave - the last image really pulls me in. nice work.

Sharon - Magnus I LOVE these images! It looks like such an amazing wedding of a couple so in love and WOW WOW WOW you captured in such a unique and beautiful way!!!

Gabe Lawson - Wow. These images are amazing, man. Awesome work. Awesome couple.

malcolm - these are so great! CANNOT WAIT for you to shoot our wedding!

Stephanie + David | Wilmore Kentucky

I spent a fun afternoon with photographer friends Stephanie & David Lyell.
We were also joined by their good friends Leigh Anna & Kyle before they moved to Florida.

Swingsets and great company.
…and sometimes when the phone rings you just have to pick up.


Stephanie + David  .  Wilmore  .  Kentucky



Stephanie Lyell - Oh my word…Magnus…I love them :) What a fun day that was. You are so talented-we were blessed to have you photograph us. I love that it is our daily life and just us being us. We will treasure these for a long time!

nima - yes, dude. love all of them. wooooot.