When I left Sweden for the first time to go to the US as a High School foreign exchange student I was very excited, I couldn’t wait to get there. There was no fear, only excitement and eagerness to explore. I wanted to experience and learn. I was going to live with a family I never met before, go to a school I never visited, live in a new culture…but I was sure it would work out.

When I returned to the US a few years later to attend college I was just as eager to get on the plane. Without fear I was ready to start my life, I was ready to live the American Dream. There was no hesitation, I was ready to move to a new country and start my adult life.

Somewhere along the line of chasing the stereotypical dream I lost myself…I became to comfortable, afraid to take risks and compromised my own dreams for someone else’s dream.

When I was younger I always thought that when you are in your mid thirties you would have everything figured out and be “grown up”.

Now I feel I will never grow up.

That’s fine with me.

I am boarding a flight to leave for a place I call home in a few hours. I have to admit that I have nervousness in me, but I’m also fueled with a tremendous amount of excitement, as well as the long lost eagerness to explore. I want to experience and learn.

I’m ready.

I’m ready to start something new.

Ready to start making my own dreams come true.

Sarah - Dare to fail!

Mo - Magnus, jag är säker på att du gör helt rätt i att följa dina egna tankar och känslor för vad som passar dig bäst. Jag är övertygad om att du kommer att lyckas bra med vad du än väljer och att den envishet jag lärde känna som barn kommer göra dig framgångsrik oavsett dina val. Jag beundrar dig som vågar bryta upp och vara mer lyhörd för dina känslor om vad som är rätt för dig.



Syster yster - Saknar dig redan!
Du är alltid välkommen hit.
Lycka till med din nya resa!

shaun - This will be an exciting adventure for you, bro. You have an amazing spirit and passion for life that will always see you through. We’ll be rooting you on!

Aseel - well said, Magnus! It’s the journey not the destination that matters more.


Yesterday was another gorgeous summer day here in Stockholm, Sweden. The more time I spend here the more I like it.

Sneak peek of the happy and beautiful Emma. She has the most contagious smile.


I decided to spend some time in Sweden, mainly to surprise my mother for her birthday but also to enjoy the Swedish summer and capture photos. I am truly enjoying being around family and close childhood friends, it is unfortunate that I don’t get to see them very often. There is nothing quite like Swedish summers.

Here is a sneak peek from yesterday of the beautiful Sofia.

shaun - Stunning. Can’t wait to see more!