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Lexington, Kentucky

If you have been to a first year design studio review you know the tension that fills the critique area. It is probably the first time a design student gets up and present their work in front of their peers and a jury. More than likely with very little to no sleep, it can be a nerve-racking experience. This studio held their own, and collectively did very well. They are a great group and very smart individuals.

This was the first time I ever been to a review on a full night of sleep.
It was nice.

Mark O'Bryan - Great Images, great work!

Caroline Watts - This is so epic looking, wish we did this last year! I love Jerzy’s hat!

Kendall Latham - These photos are gorgeous! Thank you so much for coming in to capture this process, it really means a lot to all of us and your advice made all the difference in the world!

Evan Crocco - These are so awesome.

Mallory - Magnus these photos are unbelievable !!

Elizabeth + James

Morehead, Kentucky

Sneak peek of the beautiful San Francisco couple that got married in Morehead last weekend.

Kathy Noyes - What a beautiful picture!! Simply gorgeous!!

Lois Prescott - Happiness Always to a beautiful couple! Could it be—–James is a red head too? WOW

Debbie Seider - You are a wonderful couple and I love you both!

Jennifer Aries - Stunning! Wishing you many years of love and laughter!

Karen Seipert - You two look perfect together! The setting is breathtaking.

Karla Droste - You look like an angel . . .may you delight in your life together!

Staab Family

Louisville, Kentucky

One of the things I enjoy as a photographer is that I get to meet new people and families. On a warm fall day I met the Staab family at Locust Grove in Louisville. Such a great family and an adorable little girl, very observant and you can tell that she was always thinking.

It was a pleasure to spend some time with this family.

Jeff Ruth - Beautiful family.

Kristen - Magnus – THANK YOU! I love them….all of them! It was a pleasure meeting you and being the recipient of your amazing talent!

Linda Helton - Wow…….you should move to Maysville. Beautiful pictures!!!!!

Debby Reiter - Wow…these pictures are amazing. Loved every one of them. You guys have a beautiful family. Millie is so adorable.

Karen Love - The pictures are so awesome! Millie is so cute and beautiful eyes.
Adorable family!

Irene/Robert Staab - Love, Love the pictures, Love the family picts, especially Love the “study” of Millie; beautiful, just beautiful!!!

Barbara Turano - Beautiful pics of a beautiful family!! So happy mom shared them with us!
Aunt Barbara & Uncle Bob

Jill Darnell - I’m so blessed! My grandbaby is precious!

U of KY  |  College of Design  |  First Year Studio

Lexington, Kentucky

I was asked by my friend Sarah Heller to visit the Studio that she teaches in the College of Design at the University of Kentucky. Since I graduated from that program (before it was renamed) I was honored to come back and talk to the students.

It was inspiring and truly a pleasure to have creative dialogues with the Architecture and Interior Design students.

The project they are currently working on is taking a mundane packaging box and manipulate it to communicate expansion and/or contraction. In order to enhance their statement they can use one light source.

They are doing some fantastic work, and I am very excited to follow these creative minds throughout the semester.

Victoria - This reminds me so much of my architecture studio when I was at uni in Sheffield. I love the darker, night time shots… so evocative of the passionate dedication (and martyrdom?) of architects! : )

Stephanie Lyell - I love this shoot…you captured the spirit of the work so well. It’s nice for me from my photojournalist background to see some non-wedding work every once and a while, kind of inspires me to step out of the wedding bubble sometimes :) hope all is well!