Engagement  |  Jessica + Tim

Lexington, Kentucky

My good friend Tim invited me to a Halloween party hosted by himself and his girlfriend.
He said he had something special planned…and man did he ever.

Hands down the best Halloween party I ever been to.

Congratulations to Jessica and Tim!!!

Stephanie Lyell - this is wonderful. what a joy for this couple to have documentation of their engagement!!

Tim - Thanks again Magnus! These are great, you captured it perfectly!

Tim - I’m laughing at all the costumes in the background, priceless. haha

Tim - And by the way we are all cracking up that she wore a pregnant 50’s house wife costume.

Jessica - Magnus! These are perfect! I adore them and I am filled with happy tears each time look at them. Halloween is our favorite holiday. I am cracking up at my costume choice (pregnant and proposed too) Thanks again and I can’t wait to schedule another photo session with you!

Allison (sister) - Mr. Magnus…what a memory for my sister & brother-in-law to have for years to come. So thankful I was there to share this with them..you did a great job capturing every moment.

Jessica - I love it!!! So glad this moment was captured so beautifully!!! My eye were filled with tears of joy as I scrolled across each one, so happy for you Jess and Tim.

Diane - Love, love, loved this! Congrats!

Stephanie - Great pictures! I love seeing the emotion of the moment. You do amazing work and they are one amazing couple! So happy for Tim and Jessica!!

Senior  |  Savannah

Richmond, Kentucky

I have known Savannah’s family for a few years and it is a fantastic family, so it is no surprise that this beautiful young lady is such a great person. She is a very intelligent and a determined individual, and it is a pleasure to be around her. She is graduating High School one year early and with her attitude and kind heart she will succeed at anything that she takes on.
I have no doubt.

It was a very windy afternoon but that didn’t stop us from having a lot of fun.

Wendy - Good lord, she’s a natural model! She has such a fresh and beautiful, totally adorable look!

Beautiful shots, Magnus. You really captured a sparkling personality.

Rain or snow, it’s the things you love that keep you warm.

While I upload each new wallpaper I look on my calendar and reflect on what happened during the month that just passed.

So far every month just gets better and better. I keep meeting so many great people, and I am very fortunate to be the one to capture their special moments.

I am now officially working as a full time photographer…this is something I have been dreaming about for a long time.
Now when it’s a reality…it makes me feel warm.

November Wallpaper

Stephanie Lyell - full time photographer!! yay…congrats on a great month!

Senior  |  Savannah

Richmond, Kentucky

Sneak peek of a recent senior shoot with Savannah.
She is beyond awesome.

Shelley - We’ve decided you should do photo shoots for album covers. Bob said this looks like a cover for a country CD. Savannah was BEYOND excited!!! Thanks again. You rock!! Shelley

Aseel - Magnus – those are AMAZING!!! Stunning girl, gorgeous light, and beautiful setting.