Wet Plate Photography

I started taking photos fairly late so my first “real” camera was a digital SLR. I always felt that I never learned photography the proper way so a few years ago I got a medium format Hasselblad 500c/m. I love shooting film, it makes me really think about what I’m doing.

Earlier this year I came across the wet plate process (invented in 1851). I fell in love with the idea of making photographs with chemicals and working with my hands to create a photograph on glass/aluminum.

I started researching and slowly acquired the equipment. I found an 8×10 view camera that was manufactured sometime in the 1950-60’s.

I poured my first 8×10 plate last week.

I have a long way to go, but I love the process.
From pouring the plate to holding a finished photograph in your hands 10 minutes later is an incredible feeling.

Flaws and mistakes, I made this by hand.


8×10 Tintype   .   The Big Table   .   Kansas City   .   Missouri

nirav - Proud of you man. Way to pursue this and push yourself to try new things. Btw, that print you sent me will be placed in my new office.

jeremy - Brilliant. My backyard has never looked so good. You’re amazing.

ray - Magnus, I still can’t believe how beautiful these plates turned out! I am just amazed by your work.

sharon - so amazing! what a treasure. keep it up, this is so awesome that you are doing this!

Mandy + Tim . Winchester Kentucky Wedding

Clay Shooting. Lemon Drops.
Laughter. Hugs. Tears.

Mandy married Tim at the place where she grew up.

This is their day: slideshow


Mandy + Tim   .   Vinewood Farm   .   Winchester   .   Kentucky

Stephanie Lyell - That shot of them walking away with the light b/t them-a-freaking-mazing!

nirav - Dude. Just awesome my friend.

Christopher - Really impressed how you seemed to be in the right place at the right time for hours on end. Great series.

Kimberly - A most amazing day captured by THE most amazing photographer! Thanks for taking such spectacular photographs for all of us to treasure for years. KC

The Don’t Give Up Project

Last month I went to Divide in Colorado for The Don’t Give Up Project. A workshop + retreat hybrid put together by the Parsons
I met some amazing people, ate fantastic food and learned a bit more about myself.

We stayed up late, got up early, enjoyed the company and the beautiful setting.
It was three unbelivable days.


This is a fraction of what I experienced: Slideshow
I also shot some film: Slideshow


The Don’t Give Up Project  .  Divide  .  Colorado

KB - Absolutely gorgeous frames Magnus.

Stephanie Lyell - Ahhhh…this looks so amazing. I have to say I am a bit jealous-but mostly super pumped for you. This looks like it was an amazing and forming experience. Your cool :)

sharon - such incredibly soulful, beautiful work! it was such an amazing time :)

Stephanie S - They are just as amazing the second time around, Magnus. That photo of Jayden clicking his heels together is my favorite ever.

jeremy - Magnus – you’re remarkable. Don’t forget it.