Engagement  |  Lily + Tyler

Lexington, Kentucky

No weather will stop this Minnesota couple from having a great time. So, a little rain was no problem.
Just a few smiles and laughs later it was it all sunny.

Hanging out with this couple was a pleasure, they both radiate love for life and each other.

You can’t do anything but smile when you are around them.

Renae Slagter - TERRIFIC photos!!! I love ’em!!

U of KY  |  College of Design  |  New Faculty Exhibition

Lexington, Kentucky

Recently I have been hanging out at the College of Design quite a lot.
As a graduate of the Interior Design program, it has been a pleasure reconnecting with the College.

It is a fantastic environment created by Dean Michael Speaks, the faculty, the staff and the students.
During the recent Architecture and Interior Design open house week a reception was held at the LOT featuring the works of the new faculty.

Awesome work.
Inspiring people.

A great evening.

Aseel - what a great set, Magnus!

shaun - Genius!

Engagement  |  Megan + Jason

Cincinnati, Ohio

Beautiful couple.
Beautiful fall weather.

What a great time I had hanging out with Megan and Jason. First they showed me around their neighborhood and then we went off to the Precinct where they had their first date. After that we visited the place where Jason proposed. The night he proposed to Megan, Jason had arranged for their friends to meet them at the Stand. I heard from mutual friends that it was an awesome evening. Later on we enjoyed a spectacular sunset at Devou Park and then finished up the shoot outside their apartment. Regarding the choice of shirt, I am siding with Megan.

Beautiful day.
Fantastic couple.

I can’t wait for their Wedding, it is going to be something really special.

Megan - Magnus!!! Super awesome pictures! We are so very lucky to have you as a friend and photographer…

The pictures speak a million words.

April - OMG! tooooo much gorg on one page! 1. Love the matchy shirts…plaid family! 2. Strasse is so big!!! 3. those are some sexay jeans! 4. I think my fav is you 2 on the steps in b&w 5. Girl got some guns! 6. the pics overall are so beautifully done! Love the poses and the colors and the lighting and the natural feel and love you guys! And I think that sums up my stream of consciousness as I went through them!

Sandy Collins - OMG!!! I love them all! You make a perfect couple! Love you both, Mom

Susan - So cute!! I love the UofL/UK pic – haha! I also enjoy that the pups were involved in the photo shoot. SO many great pictures!!!