Every Dream Inside My Soul

Lexington, Kentucky

It has been snowing here lately.     It is quite nice.













Stephanie Lyell - these are seriously beautiful. i want one as a background!

Elizabeth - Magnus, the snow looks just magical! I love seeing how the seasons change so quickly in Kentucky…and I’m very glad James and I got married in October while there were still leaves on the trees!

Betsy Whiteman - BEAUTIFUL!

Wedding  |  Elizabeth + James

Morehead, Kentucky

It was a day filled with love.
A day filled with smiles and laughter.
A day that people will remember.

Being there you could feel it.

This lovely couple came from San Francisco to have their wedding close to James’ Grandmother.
A super sweet lady who celebrated her birthday the day before the wedding.

Spending the day with Elizabeth, James, their family and friends was just a pleasure.

It is a day I will remember.

Stephanie Lyell - These are so wonderful…the couple must be so happy to have this documentation of their beautiful day :) I love the last shot, and all the symbolism it holds. Wonderful job!!

Katie - Incredible! And a perfect documentation of the day!!

shaun - So proud to see your work blowing up, homey. You’re an artist and an amazing person. An asset to the art community and to the people around you.

Carol Edson - THese are truly unique and glorious…what a way to capture the magic of the day, especially for those of us here in Cali. The profile portrait of the two of them against the green trees…priceless. Plus James’ grandmother…also perfect.

Diana NK - What a beautiful day! Beautiful colors…beautiful couple!

Tina - What a fantastic way to remember your wedding day!

James - Magnus, Elizabeth and I really appreciate these photos. You did a fantastic job and gave us images to treasure for a lifetime. Thank you!

Sharon Gach - I feel like I was there with you – what a gorgeous bride, handsome groom, and someone ‘up there’ made some awesome weather for your Wedding Day! Charming chapel and reception pictures too. Memories for a lifetime, for you – Elizabeth and James. – Sharon

Herb & Susan Rheingruber - Congratulations. You both look so happy. And we are so happy for you both.

Carolyn Bringhurst - Elizabeth, you’re gorgeous and look so happy. Your mom and dad would be so proud of both you girls. Evaline is surely looking down and clapping, and then getting on her ham radio to broadcast the news.

Kathy Noyes - Simply beautiful!! Gorgeous!! The pictures capture the essence of your perfect day. Excellent photos!! Thank you for sharing them!!

Linda Clemmons - I have seen wedding pictures before but never been able to relive the whole wondeful day. Of course I know the photographer had beautiful subjects but he was able to tell the story for all who were not able to be there. I thank you for the wonderful picture of Mother as well.

Minta Winsor - Ahhh, lovely! So happy for you guys! Thank you so much for sharing these photos so that we could be a part of this joyous occasion.

Debbie Seider - I still get teary-eyed every time I look at these pictures. Thank you for the pictures. James and Elizabeth, I love you both.

Mary Lauffer - Thank you for sharing these gorgeous photos of your wedding, which looks absolutely lovely in every way. You are a beautiful couple—inside and out! Many best wishes!

Karin Rose - These pictures are absolutely wonderful! beautiful! awesome! and just like the life I wish for the both of you together.

Lois Prescott - Fantastic! The Noyes girls are beautiful and James is handsome.The day looked perfect. Eveline and Phil were enjoying it too. Congratulations

Reconnected – Rewarded – Rejuvenated

November was a good month…actually it was pretty awesome.

I reconnected.
Besides from meeting really nice couples, families and all around good people I reconnected with the College of Design. It has been an inspiration hearing the student speak about their projects and getting to see some fantastic work created by the students and the faculty.

I was rewarded.
The interaction with the students has been fantastic, so the time spent in the studios has been very rewarding. I have been given new interesting perspectives as well as a lot to think about.

I feel rejuvenated.
…and I can’t wait to see what next year will bring.

December Wallpaper

Malin + David

Stockholm, Sweden

I was very fortunate to have a great group of close friends growing up. David is one of my childhood friends and I had a great time hanging out with him and his lovely girlfriend Malin on a beautiful summer day in Stockholm.

David has always marched to the beat of his own drum, which has created a lot great memories. As a lifeguard, underwater rugby player and a diver, he really likes the water. So when he suggested to jump in, who am I to say no…and climbing that tree, yeah that was his idea too.

Stefan Hed - Excellent pics om Malin & mr perfect (eller mr. vain?)