Wedding  |  Megan + Jason

Every Wedding is special.
This one is extra special to me.

When I decided to start shooting Weddings on my own, Megan and Jason were the first couple to hire me as a Wedding photographer.
Without a substantial portfolio or proven track record, they still wanted me to capture their Wedding day.

For that, I am eternally grateful.

U.S.A.F. Captain Megan & Dr. Jason Garrison: I had a fantastic time getting to know you. Thank you, and best of luck in D.C.



Tracy Hall - What an amazing job you did. As a fellow photographer I am so impressed with how you captured the details and the day. You are awesome and you should be proud of the end results!

j.kan - the stories you tell just keep getting better and better.

Near The Outer Rim

It was early in the morning.
It was quiet.

Maybe it was just my mood that morning.
Maybe I just wanted to see it.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Monona Terrace felt like a place out of Star Wars at that moment.


August Wallpaper  |  Monona Terrace  |  Madison  |  Wisconsin  |  iPhoneiPadNexus |  1280×1024 |  1440×900 |  1680×10501920×1080 |  1920×1200 |

j.kan - I was just here this past weekend! Very cool spot.

LOT  |  May and June

A magical evening at Land of Tomorrow, Louisville.


Gravity was Everywhere Back Then  |  Brent Green  |  An artwithoutwalls Project in Collaboration with LOT

Counterpoints: Exploration of Materials in Material Culture  |  Works by Brian Harper and Ebony Patterson

A Failed Entertainment: Selections from the Filmography of James O. Incandenza  |  Curated by Sam Ekwurtzel

Caochangdi  |  Joel Feldman

Additional photos


Land of Tomorrow  |  artwithoutwalls  |  Louisville  |  Kentucky


Wedding  |  Cameron + Chris

With many of the guest flying in from all over the U.S. this lovely Washington D.C. couple decided to invite their family and friends to take a tour of some of the sights that Kentucky has to offer. They were also very kind to have me come along.

We had a lovely lunch and bourbon tasting at the Chapeze House in Bardstown and then headed over to tour the Makers Mark Distillery.

What a great day it was…but nothing compared to the following day at Equus Run Vineyards.


Two absolutely fantastic days, with an amazing couple and their family and friends.



Aseel - WOW, Magnus! Those are stunning images! Cameron – you look AMAZING…what a great day :)

Tricia - These pictures are simply stunning—beautiful, beautiful work!! Cameron is my good friend and I wasn’t able to make it to the wedding, but now I feel as if I was there!

j.kan - this is by far my favorite wedding that you have shot so far! awesome shots as always.