Destination Puerto Rico . Feifei + Hao

The last week of 2011, I met up with Feifei and Hao in Puerto Rico. They got married in New York and will be having a traditional wedding ceremony in China, this summer. They also wanted photos from their vacation.

Instead of taking the photos in the typical Old San Juan area, we flew out to Vieques. A little magical Island where horses just roam around doing their thing, beautiful beaches and plenty of sun.

I gotta say, it was a good day… and a perfect ending of the year. The year I decided to start over from scratch and do something I love to do.

It is probably the best decision I have ever made.


Feifei + Hao  .  Vieques  .  Puerto Rico

Aseel - Stunning work, Magnus! What a lovely looking couple.

Now I really miss PR.

david lyell - These are awesome.

Tim - Incredible work.

Lillian - These are stunning. The light and colors of the caribbean are the best. These photos made me homesick. They look like such a lovely couple!

Lia Negrete - Magnus- You are one of the very best !!!

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